EFSPI International Events

European Statistical Meeting on Meta Analysis

26th June 2009
Basel, Switzerland

This meeting was a joint venture between EFSPI and BBS.

The Basel Biometric Section (BBS) in cooperation with the European Federation of Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry (EFSPI) held a one day European Statistical Meeting on Meta Analysis.
Speakers from industry, academia and regulatory shared their views on Meta - Analysis.

1 - Steven Julious (University of Sheffield) Interpreting Treatment effects from a Number of Trials with Application to Designing Future Trials Download pdf file

2 - Anne Whitehead (University of Lancaster) Sequential methods for Random Effects Meta-Analysis Download pdf file

3 - Tomasz Burzykowski (IDDI Belgium) Meta-Analysis and Validation of Surrogate Endpoints Download pdf file

4 - Steffen Witte et al. (Novartis Basel) Meta-Analysis to Compare Combination Therapies A Case Study in Kidney Transplantation Download pdf file

5 - Beat Neuenschwander et al. (Novartis Basel) Subgroup Analysis using Bayesian Hierarchical Models: A Case Study Download pdf file

6 - Sally Hollis (Astra Zeneca, UK) Work of the Cochrane Collaboration Cochrane collaboration: Systematic Reviews of the Effects of Healthcare Interventions Download pdf file

7 - Guido Schwarzer (University of Freiburg) Meta-Analysis on Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents Download pdf file

Panel Discussion: Meta-Analyses and Implication for the Industry
Stephen Senn (University of Glasgow), David Wright (MHRA)