EFSPI Goals for 2015

Goal Description Accountable Deliver By
Strategic Objective 1 Represent the association members of EFSPI and provide a united and respected voice on key scientific, regulatory and statistical issues in drug development
Financial Manage EFSPI budget and expenses

Review admin hours against contract

Throughout year
End of each Qtr
Scientific meetings Deliver 3-4 Scientific meetings, including 1 webinar

Hold annual EFSPI meeting

EFSPI/BBS - HTA – 23rd June
~ 1 meeting every 3-4 months
Statistics Leaders meetings Arrange leaders meetings

Agree follow up actions

Write article for newsletter
Stefan 1st July 2015

Oct Council webex

Spet/Oct 2015
Regulatory Support PSI/EFSPI Regulatory Committee, including review of new or updated regulatory guidance

Support EFSPI/PSI data transparency working group

Throughout year

Throughout year
Communications Effectively use website as a resource for information and resources

Distribute newsletters to communicate EFSPI activities and latest updates

Throughout year

Monthly newsletters
Strategic Objective 2 Enhance the profile of EFSPI in Europe and strengthen alliances and collaborations with other professional bodies within Europe
Enhance profile with EFPIA Seek opportunities on Clinical Development Committee to engage EFSPI in planned EFPIA activities

Support EFPIA Clinical Trial Design Taskforce

Throughout the year

Throughout the year
Link to EMA Biostatistics working group Seek opportunities to engage on development of regulatory guidance documents, including face to face meeting (co-ordinated by Regulatory committee) Christoph Throughout the year
Partnerships between Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and other related associations Support SIGs to establish and/or maintain relationships with other important associations

Establish Rare Disease SIG to support ASTERIX
Stefan with each SIG chair

Throughout the year

During 1H25
Strategic Objective 3 Set and promote professional standards in Europe for the application, understanding and communication of statistics in drug development
Write position papers Identify topics for further position papers – aim to write at least 1 Council Throughout the Year

Data sharing a key topic
SIG best practices/manuscripts Identify best practice papers and/or manuscripts by each SIG

Help promote final reports/manuscripts

Throughout the Year

Throughout the Year