Special Interest Groups

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Our European Special Interest Groups (SIGs) sponsored by EFSPI and PSI are playing a key role and foster connections across disciplines, industry, academia and countries/regions. The SIGs provide a forum for members to discuss topics of mutual interest, keep updated on developments in a particular area of the industry, to organise events on their specialist field and/or to collaborate on developing the science of that field. Our current SIGs cover a wide range of topics as set out below. We also have a working party looking at the statistical implications of greater clinical trial data sharing and a group of volunteers providing a statistical briefing service on health stories in the lay media.

  • AIMS
  • Benefit-Risk
  • COVID-19
  • Data Transparency
  • Data Science
  • Data Transparency
  • Decision Making
  • Historical Data
  • HTA
  • Neuroscience-Estimands
  • New Starters
  • Oncology-Estimands
  • Regulatory
  • RWD
  • Subgroup Analysis
  • Toxicology
  • Vaccines
  • Visualisation

For further information on any of the SIGs, take a look at their pages on the PSI website, or for general enquiries please contact Adam Crisp (adam.x.crisp@gsk.com) PSI Board SIG liaison lead or Gaëlle Saint-Hilary (gaelle.saint-hilary@servier.com) EFSPI SIG liaison.